Custom GC Design Requirements

SpaBoom has just a few requirements to make sure your design works and looks great in our system, and we have some recommendations to help you (or your artist) maximize the visual appeal of your GC design.

JPEG Graphics Template Requirements

  • A high-quality, 150dpi, JPEG image.
  • Dimensions must be 670 pixels wide by 490 pixels high.
  • Photos/images that you own the copyright or the appropriate license to. If you have (or want to) purchase stock photos, make sure the licenses permit the photos to be used in "e-cards." If you need suggestions of inexpensive, but good, stock photo libraries, please contact us, as we would be happy to make some suggestions.
  • The phrase "Gift Certificate" must be placed somewhere in the design.
  • The labels "To", "From" and "For" should be placed somewhere in the design, in a location an ordinary person would expect.  Take a look at our built-in GC designs to get a feel for where we place those fields and how they fit into the overall design.  Note that "Message" should not be placed in the design, since some gift givers do not include a message.

Recommendations for your custom GC design

The following are not requirements, but mere suggestions to help you increase the visual appeal of your GC designs.

  • Make sure the GC design incorporates the look, feel and style of your existing brand, website and/or offline promotional material.
  • Put your logo right into the GC design. SpaBoom can superimpose your logo on your GC design, but it looks much better when the GC design has your logo built right into it.
  • Put all your relevant contact information into your GC design. Note that SpaBoom can only superimpose your web address and phone number onto your GC design. So, if you want your physical address, company name, or other important contact information, put it right into the GC design.
  • Make sure your GC design has plenty of room for the fully populated fields for "To", "From", "For" and "Message". For example, if your GC design is mostly white, with black rocks in the foreground, make sure the fields -- written in black font -- will not be placed over the rocks where it can't be read.
  • Less is more. Understated GC designs often receive the greatest praise from our customers.
  • Finally, SpaBoom supports multiple designs for holidays and special events. If you can, come up with different, festive designs, to maximize your customer reach!

Adding your GC to your designs list

When your design is ready to go, you're all set to upload into your SpaBoom account!