How to enter your service menu into your SpaBoom account

Follow these steps to add services into your SpaBoom account. It might be helpful for you to have a printed copy of your services menu to work from. Keep in mind that whatever you enter in, is exactly what your clients will see - so make sure your work is free of typos and spelling mishaps.

  1. Log into your SpaBoom account at
  2. Click on the "Setup" tab
  3. Click on "Services" link in the left navigation
  4. NOTE: The way the Service Menu is structured is like the example below:

    • Categories
      • Services (within each category)
      • Options (just a fancy word for Pricing/Times) for each Service
  5. Click on "Add Category". To get started, enter your first category. It might be something like "Massage Therapy" or "Facial Treatments". You can enter a bit of information on this category, under Description, if you want. Click on "Save" when you're ready to move to the next step.
  6. Once you're added a Category - then click on "Add Service"
  7. Here you type in the service name - a service might be something like "Swedish Massage", "Reflexology" or "European Facial"
  8. Enter a description of your service (the description is a required field). Not everyone knows the differences between a Swedish Massage or a Deep Tissue Massage and this is where you help your clients out with educating them. After you're done, click "Save"
  9. You will then be prompted to enter the "Option" - option simply means time and price. So for example: 60 Minutes and $70.00

TIP: Whatever you type in the "Duration" field - is hidden to the client - it's for SpaBoom's records. It's what you type in the "Option" field that shows up to the clients. Then type in the price and click "Save" You can enter as many options as you need to. For example: if you offer a service with 2 different time lengths and prices, you can enter both in. Click on "Add Option" to add more.

That's it! You've just entered your first category, service & price for it. To see how it looks in your SpaBoom GC page, just click on "Preview" in the lower left corner. To enter more categories or services (or both!) just repeat the steps above.