Comments on your SpaBoom blog posts

You can enable comments, which are then moderated before being published.

This is very much like Reviews, so if you use Reviews, you'll already know how easy it is.

  • Your clients leave comments as themselves, or anonymously.
  • YOU have complete control over what is ultimately published, by approving, hiding, or even editing the comments as they come in (a quick word about blog comment moderation and ethics -- to remain as open as possible, it is often recommended that you only hide spam or offensive comments so that your clients know that they can be open with you about their thoughts). 
  • Receive an email when you have a pending comment

Here's how it works:


At the bottom of each of your individual blog post pages the reader will see a comment field - all they need to do is leave their thoughts, type in a CAPTCHA code to ensure they are a sentient being, then either use their existing client login with you, create a new client record, or simply remain anonymous:


If you have enabled email notifications for comments (in the Blogging Settings screen), you will receive an email that you have a comment to moderate.

Otherwise, you'll see a handy little notice when you next login to SpaBoom (a similar notice will appear on your Blog Posts page in your account, as well):


Click on the notice to go right to your Blog Comments list, where you can approve each comment, or hide as appropriate. And that's pretty much it.