Authorize.Net is a "Payment Gateway," that enables you to connect to a wide-variety of merchant account providers, and comes with a Virtual Terminal that allows you process CCs manually.

Our  Integration uses the Advanced Integration Method (AIM).

Please note: if you are a Harms Millennium client, you require the Server Integration Method (SIM) - please refer to our additional Help Topic to complete your SIM integration setup: SIM Integration for Harms.

Authorize.Net isn't useful by itself. You need (and must first obtain) an online merchant account that is compatible with Authorize.Net (most are).

Advantages: Ties directly into your online merchant account for immediate processing of CCs, before a valid GC is printed by the customer. You do not have to manually process the CC. Card code is supported by SpaBoom. Fastest way to get money into your bank account.

Disadvantages: Costlier, since you pay for a second merchant account (presuming you already have an offline merchant account). not always compatible with all online merchant accounts, so be sure to ask if they are " compatible". Some merchant account providers will include Authorize.Net access (and pricing) in their costs (i.e. Humboldt Merchant Services), while others will not. Be sure to ask.

How to Obtain an Authorize.Net Account

First, you need to select a merchant account provider who is compatible with Authorize.Net. Our suggestions:

  • Check with your existing merchant account provider and/or bank.
  • If you need a new provider, may we suggest Humboldt Merchant Services? They are a leader in the industry, their rates are very good and they have outstanding customer service.

Second, obtain your new online merchant account. Be sure to check whether they can provide an Authorize.Net account for you.

Finally, if your new online merchant account provider does not provide an Authorize.Net account for you at no additional cost, then we recommend obtaining an Authorize.Net account by downloading the following form, filling it out and faxing it into Authorize.Net using the number on the form. If you need any help filling out this form, please contact us.

Download the Authorize.Net Application Now

We will be happy to email or fax you this form, if you have any trouble downloading or printing this Authorize.Net application.

How to Setup Authorize.Net for SpaBoom

Once you have obtained both an online merchant account and an Authorize.Net account, it's easy to setup on SpaBoom following these steps:

  1. Make sure your Authorize.Net account is not in test mode
  2. Update your "Profile" in Authorize.Net (see steps below);
  3. Login to SpaBoom and enter your Authorize.Net login (provided by Authorize.Net) in the "Authorize.Net login:" field in the Setup/Basics page;
  4. Enter the transaction key you created in your Authorize.Net profile, in the "Transaction key:" field in SpaBoom;
  5. And, then enter the MD5 hash that you also created in your Authorize.Net profile, in the "MD5 hash:" field in SpaBoom (this is optional, but recommended).

To update your Profile in Authorize.Net, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Authorize.Net account using the login id and password provided by Authorize.Net. Note that first time users will need to answer a few questions to setup their account with Authorize.Net;
  2. Under "Account," Select "User Profile" located in the middle-left; A blue screen will come up.  
  3. Select "Settings", Select "API Login and Transaction Key," located near the bottom of the screen (you might need to scroll down) under the sub-heading "Security Settings";
  4. Your API Login is the first set of numbers and letter you see. 
  5. You must then create a new Transaction key by submitting your secret question. (if you would like to see your current Transaction Key, use this support document from
  6. Copy and paste this new key onto ;
  7. Make sure to select "Disable old Transaction Key" if you don't the old one will expire in 24 hours;
  8. Get back to "User Profile;"
  9. Select "Card Code Settings," and make sure only the "Does NOT Match (N)" checkbox is selected for "Reject Transaction If Card Code value...";
  10. Get back to "User Profile;"
  11. Finally, click on the "Profile" tab at the top of the screen, just below the header entitled "User Profile." Make sure everything is correct, especially the CCs you accept. Please double-check that and Authorize.Net are in agreement on the CCs you accept.. Note that your merchant account will also need to be enabled for the CCs you accept in your SpaBoom account.
  12. We strongly recommend that you TEST a purchase before your clients do for you!

How to Obtain Help from Authorize.Net Directly

For information pertaining to your Authorize.Net account, you can call their support hotline at (877) 447-3938.

As always, SpaBoom is here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help in any way.