SIM (Server Integration Method)

If you are a Harms Millennium client and use Element Payment Services, you should be using SIM settings in your account. Here's how to set that up.

  1. Enable SIM integration in CC Processing
  2. In the account, go to account --> Settings --> Payment Form --> Form fields
  3. Change the field set so that it looks like this:

Mostly this means unchecking all the shipping info fields, making some things required, and not allowing edit for email and so on.

     4. Submit the form.

Add a URL to the list of authorized Response or Receipt URLs (required after Aug 15, 2019)

1. Log into the Merchant Interface.
2. Click Account from the main toolbar.
3. Click *Response/Receipt URLs *under Transaction Format Settings.
4. Click Add URL.
5. Enter
6. Click Submit.

Make Sure MD5-Hash is set:

In the account, go to Account -->  Click on the MD-5 Hash 

Fill out the New Hash Value and the Confirm Hash Value and click Submit. (The MD5-Hash value can be any set of letters or numbers without spaces.)

Save this value and add it to SpaBoom in Setup --> Basics --> Credit Card Processing

Set up a Payment Type in Harms Millennium

  1. In your Harm's Millennium Software create a new Payment Type and write down the number assigned to it.
  2. In your HarmsBridgeMillennium.ini file on your server change the Payment Type from -1 (auto detect) to this value.  Harm's can also do this for you if you are unable to, do not have access, or are not sure how.
  3. In SpaBoom, add this value under Setup --> Basics --> Harms Millennium --> Payment Type ID.
  4. Restart the Millennium Server.

You should not have to do anything else. But if you run into problems...

  • Make sure there is nothing entered under response/receipt URLs.
  • Make sure the account is not in test mode.
  • Have the client review the Credit Code Verification and Address Verification Service settings.