BOGO:  Buy One, Get One Specials

One of the types of Specials you can create in Events is a "Buy One, Get One".  In these events, you can automatically have a promotional Gift Certificate generated when your purchaser buys another Instant Gift Certificate at a pre-defined dollar threshold.  Those promotional (or "offer") Gift Certificates can be in dollar amounts or in the form of a discount, or anything you'd like to create - a free product, an extra gift during their stay - you can be as creative as you'd like!

For example, you can offer a free $20 gift certificate when purchasing a $100 gift certificate.



BOGO has a nice advantage over straight discounting because the free GC goes to the purchaser, encouraging another spa visit and more money spent.

To run your BOGO promotion:

  1. Go to Marketing, Events and select your chosen event, or add a new one.
  2. If you're adding a new event, you'll need to enter a headline like "Free Gift Certificates" and a narrative, for example, "Purchase any gift certificate for $100 or more, and receive a $20 gift certificate for you!".
  3. Enter the time period for which you want the promotion to be available with the "Start date" and "End date".
  4. For "Special", select "Buy one, get one".
  5. In "Offer", select the promotional GC you want the purchaser to receive. You can choose an existing offer, or create a brand new one - that's easy.
  6. Enter in "Threshold" the purchase amount required to receive the free promotional GC.
  7. Modify the "Offer description" if you desire this will appear at the top of your Instant Gift Certificate page.
  8. Hit the Update button. (For a new Offer, you will be taken to the Offer details view where you can fill in the details of this offer (which can then be used again in the future).  Fill out the details shown in the screen below, then click "save" in the new offer.):

Please note: The name of your offer will show up at the top of your Gift Certificate page in the following manner:

[Offer Name] with [Threshold] Purchase.

For instance: an offer named "Free $25 Gift certificate" and a BOGO with a threshold of $100 will generate a message stating: "Free $25 Gift Certificate with $100 purchase"

Set up your offer accordingly.

Back in your Event, you will see a preview of the promotional GC. Scroll down click on the Change Offer button to change the value of the promotional GC, the expiration date, the GC design, etc.

Notes about BOGO that you must know:

  • The link for the Promotional GC will be sent to the purchaser in their receipt, as well as being available at the end of the purchase process.
  • Promotional GCs are viewable on the GC tab by selecting "Promo GCs" from the drop down tab next to the search field.
  • Promotional GCs can only be marked in SpaBoom as redeemed in full.   This means a $40 promotional GC cannot be partially redeemed like a "regular" GC.  For this reason we recommend that you keep your promotional offer GCs to smaller amounts to encourage additional spending by your clients.
  • The offers can have expiration dates or a particular range. You can make it whatever you desire, including a date range. For example, you could encourage spa visits in January.
  • It's a good idea to include any restrictions you're placing on the promotional GC in the Narrative of the event and in the marketing of your promotion.
  • The offers on promotional GCs aren't limited to just a dollar amount: you can make them for anything. For example, you could give a 20% discount on retail products from January 1st to March 31st.
  • OVERLAPPING OFFERS WILL NOT BE GENERATED: this means if you have a referral code running AND a separate BOGO at the same time, your client will only receive one of them.  So there is no danger of your clients "stacking" rewards.
  • Threshold amounts do not include tax or gratuity.