Reports: Email Campaigns

The Email Campaigns report will tell you in a glance the results of your email marketing efforts. Each email campaign is listed separately on the date it was sent.


The number of email recipients for this campaign.  If the number seems low, it could be that you have imported clients that have not yet opted in.  To see those, see the Client Detail report and look for status "Pending".


The number of recipients that clicked on a link in the email.  This is not an "opened email" number, which is not as good of an indication of how many clients you are reaching.  How many clients actually clicked on a link is a truer barometer of your really interested customers.

GCs Sold 

The number of Instant Gift Certificates you sold from a recipient clicking on a link in the email.


The number of appointments scheduled by recipients after clicking on a link in the email.

Conversion % 

The percentage of recipients that purchased a GC or scheduled an appointment.


How many recipients unsubscribed from your email newsletter, by clicking the Unsubscribe link in the message.


As best we can, we'll show the number of emails that could not be delivered. If this is exceedingly high, you've definitely got some email marketing list issues. Give us a call to investigate.