Report: Cash Flow

The Cash Flow report will let you know how much money you’re making from the GC sales in general. It will cover all of the information in the balances section as well as giving you a running total of the amount of money you’re making selling Instant Gift Certificates online.

There are some cool ways to isolate your sales and redemptions for tax purposes. This is of concern if you follow practices that only count gift card profits in the year they are redeemed rather than when purchased (see here for information on this accounting style:

If you're a spreadsheet maven, just select the date range desired and run the report for "All GCs", then click on "Export" in the bottom left to have a CSV file generated that you can poke and prod to your heart's content.

If, however, you'd like to just see delineated data right on the reports screen, you have some sorting options in the drop-down list. All refinements apply to the time period you have chosen.

  1. "GCs redeemed in date range": Show GCs that were redeemed, regardless the purchase date (this is to comply with the accounting strategy of recognizing income at the time of gift redemption instead of purchase).
  2. "GCs redeemed and purchased in date range": show GCs that were purchased AND redeemed all within the dates specified. So, if showing "last month", the report will show GCs bought last month AND redeemed last month but not bought prior to last month regardless when it was redeemed.
  3. "GCs redeemed in date range, but purchased outside date range": just like it says. This is the opposite report as #2. The GCs shown on lists #2 and #3 put together should give you the list in #1.