Credit Card Processing

SpaBoom supports several kinds of credit card (CC) processing so you can choose the option that is best for your business.

When assessing these options, please keep in mind that they are each different in their application process. Some have fixed monthly fees plus a transactional fees, others have no monthly fees but slightly higher transaction fees. Both Stripe and Amazon are very easy to get started, and we recommend Stripe for it's elegance and simplicity. Here's a quick overview of the basics:

Processor Setup Fee Monthly Fee Transaction Fee Deposit Time
Amazon FPS NONE NONE 2.95% + $.30 7-14 days $99.00* $25.00* $.10 Same as In-Store
PayPal Website Payment Pro None, Subject to Credit Check $30 2.95%** 2-4 Days
Stripe Payments NONE NONE 2.90% + $.30 2 Days
*Your processor may have a special agreement that changes these rates
**Rates decrease with volumes above $3000 per month
***May decrease as you run more transactions


Consult each processing method's detailed help topic for how to get started and to download any associated documents.

With ANY processor, we strongly recommend that you TEST a purchase before your clients do for you!


Stripe is our preferred processing partner. It is simple, easy to configure, and minimal fees are charged to manage the account. Details on Stripe Setup.

Amazon (no longer available)

Amazon: No monthly fee; 2.95% cc processing fee; $0.30 per transaction. Click here to set up your account.

Details on Amazon FPS


Authorize.Net makes it possible to connect to an online merchant account. Details on Authorize.Net

Setup fee:  usually about $99.  Monthly Fee $25/month with our discount; batch fees $0.10 + transaction fee $0.10; does NOT include your cc processing fees.

Our Reseller ID is 6180

It is Internet based and compatible with a wide variety of online merchant accounts. It is usually an extra service that must be purchased separately from your online merchant account. 

PayPal Web Payments Pro

PayPal is an inexpensive, yet robust method for accepting CCs over the Internet. It is only Internet-based, and cannot help merchants who desire a terminal (for in-store CC swiping) or need to process CCs over the telephone.

SpaBoom can connect to your PayPal Website Payments Pro account, for automatic CC processing of your Instant Online GC sales! Details on PayPal

Monthly fee around $30/month; does not include your cc processing fees, which are typically 2.2% - 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction with major credit cards, depending on your application.
PayPal's Getting Started Page for Website Payments Pro

Manual CC Processing (no longer supported for new accounts)

SpaBoom allows you to process CCs manually, which helps keep the costs associated with a second merchant account down. This is great for organizations with low Internet sales volumes, or who wish to evaluate SpaBoom's services before investing in a merchant account. Details on Manual Processing

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot collect Card Security Codes (CSC, CVV, etc) due to credit card regulations.  If you are using Square or if your processor requires this information you will need to contact the purchaser directly to obtain this information, or consider one of the above options.