The Clients Tab

Do you need search tips for finding specific clients?

What is a Client?

A client is one of your businesses' customers. They must have at least a name and an email address.

Their record can be created in three ways:

  1. The client creates their own record by purchasing a Gift Certificate online and entering their info as a "first time user"
  2. New clients can be created by you manually through your SpaBoom Client Tab
  3. You can import a list of clients that you've exported from another program.  Note - there are guidelines on how to make that go smoothly, so read our Importing Clients topic.

You might want to enter in your clients manually if you have a small existing customer list, otherwise the import function is the way to go.  Tracking your clients' gift certificate purchases and interaction with your company is a fantastic way to know them better and expand your business in the future by serving them more effectively.

Phone Numbers

If you like, you can just enter the digits and the phone number will be automatically formatted when you save. For example, "8005551212" will become "(800) 555-1212". You can also enter an extension or short description after the number, like "x101" or "cell". When entering an extension, it's important to include the "x" so that it doesn't get confused as part of the phone number itself.


You can use Notes to track any information that you like, and there is room for quite a bit more than the little window makes it seem.

Send Email Marketing?

Once a client has opted-in to email marketing, you can uncheck this box if they've asked you personally to be removed.  They can also remove themselves by following an "unsubscribe" link in an email from you.  If you turn on the checkbox for the first time, the client will be sent a confirmation email to make sure they wish to receive messages.


Once a client has purchased something from you they can no longer be deleted. But if they're not a current client anymore you can mark them as inactive.