Client Journal

One of the neatest ways to keep a tab on the activity of your clients is through the client journal records. Every time "something" happens in your account with one of your clients - a journal entry is generated. This includes:

  • Gift Certificate purchase
  • rewards points earned
  • booking request created
  • email from a campaign sent
  • email from a birthday or anniversary or offer or daily deal sent

When you are looking at the client detail view, on the lower left you can see a link to the Journal entries and if there are any, the count will be in parenthesis.

Once you click through to the client's journal entries, you might not see anything. Don't worry! Some of these are considered "system" messages and you'll only see them if you check the box that says "include system messages?" and run your search again. System messages include all the email campaigns that have gone to that client, so it is possible to see a count that is somewhat high, like "Journals (23)" and then nothing in their journals page until you turn on system messages.

The utility here is you can create your own journal entries to keep notes about clients, their preferences, or their activity relative to your business - note that they stopped in one day, or that you saw them out at the store or anything!

You can see all of your client journal records at the same time using the report over on the Reports tab.