Client Retention

The client retention feature sends emails to clients to bring them back to your business. SpaBoom uses two types of retention:

  • Contacting clients that haven't visited your business for a while.
  • Reminding clients who purchased a GC last year that it's time to purchase again. 


Visit reminders can be used if you are using Booking (not appointment requests) or Rewards. Clients are reminded after they have not had a visit in a short while (say, 60 days) and they will be reminded again if they still have not had a visit in a longer while (say, 90 days). The actual time frames for the reminders will vary depending on the type of business you have. Resort and Destination Spas will have longer intervals than, say, Massage Therapists or Salons.

The long reminder email will have a small offer attached to it. You should check the offer and adjust to fit your businesses' needs or current giveaway promotions - go wild!

SpaBoom counts the following as a visit: a checked-in booking or a manual change to reward points.

Purchase Reminder

The purchase reminder is sent to clients who purchased a instant gift certificate almost a year ago. SpaBoom looks for gift certificate types that would be sent every year (for example Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Holiday) and reminds the client of what they purchased last year and encourages the client to purchase again. 

Turning it on

You turn on retention on the Marketing tab. When you turn it on, you will get 1-3 recurring emails depending on the features you are using. You should review these emails carefully and modify them as you see fit.

It's easy to find them on the email marketing list, just set the filter drop-down to "recurring." If you are reminding clients to give you reviews after appointments or after redeeming IGCs, the review reminder email will also appear as a recurring email. That's OK, it's a recurring email even though it's not a part of retention.

One or more of the emails may contain an offer, so you want to make sure that that it's an offer you would want to send. If you don't want to include an offer in the retention email, just un-check the "Include offer checkbox".

The day after you turn it on, the system will starts sending emails to clients who meet the criteria.

The Marketing tab will display how many retention emails have been sent. 

If, at any time, you want to stop sending a retention email, you can just set it to inactive and it will stop sending. You can also turn off retention by using the Turn Off button on the Marketing tab.