Changing the Color Of Your Site

The color of your dynamic site is important to people the browse the internet. The colors should be eye catching and aesthetic to the eye. The better the color scheme goes with the content of the site and the pictures you put on, the more likely the client is to come back to your site again.

  • Log into your SpaBoom account and go to the "Setup" tab along the top.
  • Click on the "Website" link on the left side of the screen.
  • In the website editor, you’ll see a toolbar along the top of the screen.
  • Click on the "Settings" link along the top.

This will take you to the“Website Settings” section of the editor. In here, you can change the color scheme of the site, change the fonts, modify how your services will show up on the screen, add a description for your website (used in search engines), and add key words.

The colors have a drop down and you’re able to use any of the color schemes that we’ve preset at any given time. You can also choose ‘Custom’ and create your own color scheme. When modifying the color, you can hit save to go back to the editor and see how the color looks before continuing. To get back into the colors, you’ll hit the ‘Settings’ link at the top of the screen again.

Highlight 1: Controls basic paragraph text

Highlight 2: Controls hyperlinks

Preview Window will show the current template and color scheme for the org you are logged into.  To get the new color scheme shown, you will need to hit "Update." 

Once you have the color scheme you like, merely hit save.

Helpful tools for creating Colors: