Troubleshooting the Email Button

When "it just doesn't work"

When you click the Email button in SpaBoom (or any other link that lets you send an email in your web browser), the web browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, et cetera - launch their known default email program to help you send the message.

However, you might not have a default email program set up, or it is not the correct one, and you'll get an error or something strange like Outlook Express launching.  Here's how to fix that, and it will depend on your Email provider (and sometimes the browser, too).  In most cases the simplest thing is to install a toolbar or application that lets Windows and your browser "know" that your Email program of choice is the "correct" one to use. 

I did find a good Article on Default Email Clients, in general (with a few tips on Yahoo! and Gmail)

Making it Work, by Email Provider Name


AOL (any browser)

Basically, just one way to get this done: install the AOL Toolbar.  During installation let it install for both of your browsers if given the option.  That way, clicking an email link in IE or Firefox will both bring up your AOL account.

Gmail (Firefox and IE)

It's easiest to use an add-on called the Gmail Notifier.  The Gmail Notifier is handy if you use more than one kind of browser (like IE and Firefox, etc), because it will let you set Gmail as your default Email provider across all browsers at once.  Nifty!  See Google's nice and easy help file here:  Making Gmail Your Default Email Client

Yahoo! (most browsers)

Basically, you need to install the Yahoo! Toolbar.  Complete instructions (only 4 steps) are here, provided by Yahoo!:  Setting Yahoo as your Default Email Client

Hotmail (Internet Explorer)

Go to Tools --> Internet Options, then click the Programs tab.  Under Email, choose "Windows Live Hotmail" from the list, apply/save, and you're done!

Hotmail (Firefox and Chrome)


Making it Work:  Special Cases, Including SpaBoom-hosted Email in Your Account



Change Your Default Firefox Email Program


Safari (mac)

I'm no help here, yet....  but many of the toolbars above might work for the common Email providers.  Your Mileage May Vary!