Credit Card Transition from Manual to Automated Processing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When will Manual Processing End? What will happen then?

February 10, 2016 (or the special invitation date) was the end date for manual credit card processing and after that date, at anytime, your gift certificate page will state “We’re Not Ready” until another processing method is selected and fully setup.

Are any of the processors a boomtime owned or operated company or subsidiary?

No. Each processor is its own company and does not have any affiliation with boomtime or its partners. We simply offer integration with the merchant processors to handle the credit card payment.

What credit card processing methods do you offer? What are their terms?

Do these processing methods still require me to run the credit card through my merchant machine?

No, these methods will do away with having to log in, get the credit card information, and run it through your machine. This will not be required once a method is chosen and set up.

Will I still receive notification of gift certificate sales?

Yes, you will continue to receive notifications from your boomtime account, as you have before. In addition, can send you confirmation of a successful payment, too.

Does boomtime charge any additional fees for any of these integrations?

No. boomtime receives a commission, on each gift certificate sold, which is not affected by the processor you choose. Each processor has its own fee structure for processing credit cards. The processing fees, by the merchant processor, can range from 2.9-3.9% depending on the type of card and other qualifying factors, none of which are set by boomtime.

How long does each processor take to setup? When can I be using my new merchant processor?

With, the setup can take as little as 10 minutes and in most cases can be done without any additional support or contact. Paypal Payments pro and require you to sign up and get assistance with setting up their features.

What are the differences among the processors?

Differences are found among the setup fees, monthly fees and credit card processing and transaction fees, but has no setup fee or recurring monthly fee and only has a processing+transaction fee when a gift certificate is purchased.

Will I have to change anything with my in-house merchant processor?

No, this is only for purchases made online for Instant gift certificates through boomtime.

Does this require any equipment?

No, this is only for online transactions for gift certificates through boomtime gift certificate sales.

How long will deposits take once a card is successfully processed?

Each processor has different terms and it would be best to consult the individual processor. www.stripe.comcan deposit payments in as little as two days from the date of the transaction: Stripe Support-Transfers

Can I switch processing methods at a later date?

Yes, you can switch as often as you would like or if you find a better method, but you will not be able to switch back to manual processing.


We are happy to consult with you about the best option for your business.  If you would like a consultation, please call our support department at 800-940-0402.