Getting Started: Your Fast Track Guide

Congratulations on purchasing a FastTrack Implementation, the fastest way to get up and running with Spaboom Online Instant Gift Certificates and our Online Marketing Suite.

You've already met with our superfantastico support team, who has helped you to implement your desired features, but you also have access to our full marketing suite. Our help files contain excellent information on how to use each of these features. (We hope they're excellent. If not, let us know!) You can also contact us for a quote for additional training on any of these features.

 Email Marketing

Use email marketing to stay in touch with your clients and let them know about upcoming specials and events.
For more information on Email marketing, visit our Email Marketing Help topic.


Utilize Events to run Specials, Buy One Get One offers, create a Sweepstakes or a BoomTime Deal, and publicize announcements and Occasions, both on your website and via Facebook & Twitter.
For more information on Events, visit our Events Help topic.


Offers allows you to send promotional instant gift certificates to your clients that are good for percentage off a purchase, a bonus gift, or a special package. Use them to thank clients for signing up for your email marketing, wish them a happy birthday or anniversary, or as a way of featuring a new product or service at a promotional price.
For more information on Offers, visit our Offers Help topic.

 Social Media

Social Media allows you to fully integrate all your Spaboom marketing with your Facebook & Twitter pages and run a Facebook Sweepstakes. Our team has already helped you set up this functionality and run a Sweepstakes, but you can also use social media to post to Facebook & Twitter or send a text message to your clients about any specials or news you have.
For more information on Social Media, visit our Social Media Help topic.

 Facebook Sweepstakes

Our team has already helped you set up this functionality and run your first Sweepstakes. Your account makes it easy to create and run Facebook Sweepstakes on a regular basis. For more information on Sweepstakes, visit our Sweepstakes Help topic.

 Daily Deals

Daily Deals is a great way to send recurring specials or promotions to your clients, both via email, and on your website, Facebook, & Twitter pages. For more information on Daily Deals, visit our Daily Deals Help topic.

 Referral Codes

Referral colds are a great way to reach out to your clients, either one at a time or in groups, and offer them a special discount on gift certificate purchases.
For more information on Referral Codes, visit our Referral Codes Help file.

 Collateral - Customized Signup Cards

Collateral is a great way to collect information from your clients and get them signed up for email marketing or have them refer new clients to your business. You can print out your own sign up pads for use at your front desk. For more information on Collateral, visit our Collateral Help topic.

 Instant POP

Instant POP helps you create point of purchase displays so you can promote your online instant gift certificates. For more information on Instant POP, visit our Instant POP Help file.