Gift Certificate Fraud Prevention

GC ID Theft Fraud Prevention Recommendations

  • -Check your GC purchase the To, From, Purchasers Names, Recipients Names, Email Addresses
  • -On Setup->Basics, be sure to Require First and Last name of the Recipient
  • -Upon Call in for Appointment, ask "Will you be using a Gift Certificate for the appointment, today?" and ask for the GC ID number to start verifying it BEFORE the client comes in. Remind the client that Photo ID will be required
  • -On Setup->Basics->Advanced Settings, Change the GC terms to state "Non-Refundable,Non-Transferrable, ID Required, Cannot be used to buy other GCs.Cannot be used within 3 days of purchase."
  • -Contact Purchaser to "Verify their purchase and to schedule them for a variety of services they offer". *caution and discretion should be used not to "spoil the surprise," possibly.
  • -Ask for ID at time of Redemption
  • -Look for any red flags:

GC Purchase Red Flags

  • --Names like From: and the Purchaser's information. Ex. it is To Sally from Tom, but the purchasers name is George
  • --SAME DAY Appointments as the date of purchase of the GC
  • --GC Recipient wants to buy all Product with the GCs
  • --Recipient first and last name do not match ID submitted.
  • --Telephone numbers, email addresses don't work or bounce back