Website Links

We'd love to help you use more of your SpaBoom features, and that means adding stuff to your website.   

BUT, your web designer might be hard to track down when you want to make changes to your website.  So, we're happy to step in and help with those links - for your IGC page, your Booking information, your Subscribe page - all of it!  

The only hitch is that you need to know how to get into your website files.  You might be able to get that from your website designer directly, even if they're too busy to add the link themselves.

Web Hosting Company:  whomever you pay to keep your website up and on the internet.  Could be GoDaddy, it could be your local web design company, etc.

Login/Password:  the account login to get into your website files

Notes:  What is going to make this easier for us?  Which folder can we find your files in?  Is there a trick to navigating the control panel, once we're in?  Anything you provide here will help.  We really appreciate it!