Basics: Instant Gift Certificates, Promo GCs and Offers

Choose Your Options - IGCs, Promos, external GCs

Use the checkbox to enable or disable the ability to sell Instant Gift Certificates through your website, create promotional GCs to offer to your clients, or run Facebook Sweepstakes (which also creates on-the-fly GCs).

You must enable the checkbox in order to generate promotional GCs, but you can specify an external website to sell "regular" GCs - such as if you use another GC service provider. We won't name names.

If you choose "3rd Party Gift Certificates", we'll give you a text field to put in your Gift page URL. If you have system generated links on your site that point to "Instant Gift Certificates" those links will redirect to your 3rd Party site.

You can even choose "None" and that means you do not sell any brand-new Gift Certificates but you're more than capable of creating promotions, coupons, and sweepstakes. That's cool.

Quick Options for your IGCs

  • For dollar amount GCs, set the minimum and maximum that you’ll sell.
  • Gratuity on services adds an option to your users to pick their own additional gratuity amount, or to predefine a suggested gratuity amount, which can be changed by the purchaser.
  • GC ID prefix will put whatever you desire in front of the GC ID printed on the GC (and include it in the barcode, if the GC ID is what you’ve selected for “Barcode on GCs” in the Advanced section of Basics). This is great when you’re tracking your Instant Gift Certificates in a management system.
  • “Require recipient’s first and last name” adds Recipient First Name and Last Name to Instant GCs, in addition to “To”. Only turn this on if it’s a problem for you in finding GCs by recipient, since it requires a little more work out of your purchasers.
  • “Provide mail delivery option” may sound like a strange feature, as it takes the “Instant” part out of “Instant Gift Certificates”. But, if you want to provide your clients with a mail option, you’ve now got a super-easy way to do it. You can also enter a “Mail surcharge” and customize the description of the mail option.