Reports - Analysis Report

The Analysis report shows some revealing figures about your Instant Gift Certificate sales.  You can specify any date range you'd like (all time, custom, today, yesterday, this month, last month, this year, and last year), and how you want to group the sales - day, month, or year.  If you would like to see individual GCs and their details, use your GCs tab instead.

  • First 4 columns show your grouping, total sales, the number of GCs, and the average dollar amount
  • Service %: percentage of GCs purchased for a service as opposed to a dollar amount.
  • Email %: percentage of GCs emailed instead of printed.
  • Delayed %: percentage of GCs emailed at a later date.
  • Existing Client %: percentage of GCs purchased by a client that has previously purchased a GC.



Most of the reports can be easily printed or exported to a CSV file for your further analysis or record keeping - handy!