The Gift Certificates (GCs) Tab

Do you need help searching for a particular Gift Certificate?

The GCs Grid

By default, you are shown fully-purchased Instant Gift Certificates. To see other types of GCs, such as promotional GCs from email newsletter signups or Pending GCs from BoomTime Deals, use the drop-down to change the view to "All GCs".

You can likewise just show Pending GCs or Promo GCs all together by choosing their drop-down option. You can even show GCs that are currently past their expiration date that are eligible to be expired officially. See how to do this here: Expiring GCs.

Processing Credit Cards 

Any GCs you need to process have a cute little credit card icon next to them. Just click on it to bring up the credit card information.

The Tasks List: Redeeming, Voiding, Expiring, oh my!

Redeeming GCs

  1. Search for the GC by the To, From, date or ID.
  2. Verify that the GC is valid and check the remaining balance.
  3. When the GC is brought in, bring it back up in GCs. Click on the ID for the GC to see the history of activity.
  4. Click Redeem and record the amount of the GC that has been used.
  5. You don’t need to issue a replacement GC for any unused portion. You can simply track the unused amount in SpaBoom. Some businesses note the unused amount on the GC, and hand it back to the client, or use a rubber stamp with a blank to fill in the unused amount.

Add Value or Adjust GCs

Re-sending GCs (email bounceback?)

If you need to resend a GC that was emailed and the purchaser received a bounce back message, just go into the GC record in your SpaBoom account and click on the GC ID#, then click on the date of purchase.  You'll now be in the full details screen, and near the bottom is the email address of the recipient.  Change it to something new or corrected, and click "Save".  On the left hand side of the screen you'll see a "Email Gift Certificate" option - click that to re-send the GC to the recipient, and you're all done!

NOTE:  The GC will be re-sent with a FROM: address of the original purchaser (just like the first time), so if it bounces again that is where the bounce message will be delivered, not to you personally.

(Postal) Mailing GCs

This applies if you've turned on "Provide mail delivery option" in Setup, Basics.  When a purchaser selects mail delivery, the email you receive for the purchase will start the subject line with “[MAIL]”, so you know you’ve got some extra work to do.
When you go to the GCs tab in SpaBoom, you’ll also see a mail icon next to GCs that need to be mailed. Click on the GC's ID number, and you can scroll down to the mailing address. Once you’ve mailed it, change the Status from “Not Mailed” to “Mailed”.