Gift Certificate Activity List

You can see the history of activity on this GC and track your client redeeming the GC and purchasing additional value.

Click on the first link on top (where it says, "Gift Certificate ID: xxxx") to view or edit the GC information, including to, from, message and notes. You can also click on the Client to see detail information on who purchased this GC.

The Tasks List

Redeeming Gift Certificates Purchased

Normally you would redeem a GC when a client brings the GC to your business and uses some or all of its value.

  • Click on the “Redeem” link on the left side of the screen.
  • Add the amount the GC is being redeemed for (there may be a balance left over).
  • Add a comment for record keeping.
  • Click on “Save” when finished.

If there is a balance left on the GC, it will appear in the information about the GC after this step is taken. If the person comes in at a later date, they can redeem the GC for the remaining balance.

Add Value

Use Add Value when your client purchases additional value for their GC. You can optionally enter a comment.


Help Topic on Adjustments

Voiding GCs

Void a GC when when it shouldn't have existed in the first place. It was an erroneous entry, or wrong enough that you just started over with a new GC.

You can't void GCs which have had a redemption. Make an Adjustment instead to correct it.

Expiring Gift Certificates

You can expire a gift certificate that has reached the end of its eligibility, allowing you to keep close track of how much liability is outstanding in your total gift certificate inventory.

When is a GC expirable?

When you look at the details of a GC, the Tasks list will have all the usual items, such as Redeem, Add Value, Adjustment, and Void. If the GC is past the date at which it is set to expire, you will also see the option "Expire" in Tasks.

Click on Expire and the current date will be filled-in, along with a field to write your comment about the expiration. You can fill in whatever you'd like - your name, any details relevant to the expiration, et cetera.

If you need to un-expire (oops), there's a handy button for that, too. You'll only see it when looking at a GC that you have already expired, of course.

Credit Card

If you're using automatic credit card processing, then Credit Card will show you the authorization information from your online processor.

Processing Manually

Process the credit card like you would a phone order. For tracking purposes, enter the approval code and invoice # from the credit card transaction, and then change the status to "Processed". You can make any notes that you'd like to see for future reference.

If you're unable to successfully process the credit card, then contact the client for additional information. If you're unable to resolve, then mark the credit card has "All attempts failed", and then click on the GC and Void it. 

Print GC

Print another copy of the GC for your records or as a replacement for your client - if the GC has been partially redeemed, the new current balance will show on the GC when printed - nifty!

Email Receipt

Send another copy of the purchase receipt to the purchaser, just in case they did not receive it.