Expiring Gift Certificates

You can expire a gift certificate that has reached the end of its eligibility, allowing you to keep close track of how much liability is outstanding in your total gift certificate inventory.

When is a GC expirable?

When you look at the details of a GC, the Tasks list will have all the usual items, such as Redeem, Add Value, Adjustment, and Void. If the GC is past the date at which it is set to expire, you will also see the option "Expire" in Tasks.

Click on Expire and the current date will be filled-in, along with a field to write your comment about the expiration. You can fill in whatever you'd like - your name, any details relevant to the expiration, etc.

That's it! The GC is no longer outstanding as a liability on your books.

If you need to un-expire (oops), there's a handy button for that, too. You'll only see it when looking at a GC that you have already expired, of course.