Harms Integration with SpaBoom

For our clients that use the Harms Millennium POS software, welcome! Below are the instructions that will be needed to get the SpaBoom account and the Harms Millennium software up and running together. Please follow the instructions below. Links are listed for additional information that may be needed.

Please note: Harms integration means your GC's sold using SpaBoom go automatically into Millennium. However, your CC transactions do not go to Millennium, therefore you will still process through your online merchant account with SpaBoom.

Instructions for Integrating Millennium with SpaBoom:

  1. Make sure you have an account created with SpaBoom, and that your website is updated so that customers can purchase Instant Gift Certificates from your website. If you need to set up an account with SpaBoom, go to: www.spaboom.com?aa=harms. You can also contact SpaBoom directly at 800-940-0458, and signup on the phone. (Make sure to tell them you want Harm's Millennium integration!)
  2. Ensure that the version of Millennium which you are using has a program date of February 1st 2007 or greater. You can check your program date within Millennium by going to Help-->Program Date. If the program date is prior to 2/1/2007, you will need to go to Harms Software’s Update site (http://Update.Harms-Software.com) to download and install the latest Millennium update.
  3. Download and install the SpaBoom Edition of the Millennium SDK to your server. You can download the install from here: http://Update.Harms-Software.com/Downloads/SpaBoom/MillenniumSDK_SpaBoom_Edition.msi
    • Some Millennium customers may have two websites installed (i.e. Millennium.NET 2005 folks). When you are presented with the "Install To:" dialog box while installing the SDK, check to see what websites are available. Use "Default Website" if it is the only one. However, if you have another website that contains "Millennium" in it, select that one instead.
  4. Your SpaBoom GC transactions which are going to be placed into Millennium will need to be associated to a “SpaBoom” cash drawer. This will allow you to run your register reports for just the “SpaBoom” cash drawer if you please. You will need specify a drawer name for your SpaBoom GC transactions, do the following:
    • Launch Millennium
    • Go to Data-->Business Information and Preferences-->This Cash Drawer
    • Determine which Cash Drawer is available for use.
    • If the drawer name is editable (Drawer’s 1-10), click Edit and rename the cash drawer to “SpaBoom” or a name of your choice.
    • Click Save then Close.
  5. Next you will need to register your SDK and SpaBoom account by:
    • Navigating to File-->Add On Registration-->SpaBoom Setup
    • Input your SpaBoom Id.
    • Input a desired SDK LoginId and Password which SpaBoom will use to access your Millennium SDK.
      Note: Upon saving your SpaBoom settings a new Millennium Security Group will be created and named SpaBoom GC WebSite. This Security Group will have access to SDK methods which SpaBoom uses to place the GC transaction into your Millennium database and will be associated to the login which you have specified.
    • This step is required: Select a Gift Type, Sold By Employee, Referral Type and Drawer Id. If you would like to create a new item, you can right-click on the pull down list and select Add New.
    • If you have a Dynamic IP address check the Dynamic IP Address? checkbox. If this is checked, Millennium will contact SpaBoom the first time it is launched everyday to notify SpaBoom of your current IP address. SpaBoom will then check to see if it still has access to the GCSDK. If an error occurs you will be notified and given the SpaBoom Support number to troubleshoot the issue. If you do not know if you have a static or dynamic IP address you will need to contact your internet service provider.
    • The standard port for the GC SDK is 80. If necessary, you may use Port 8080. These are the only ports that Harms and SpaBoom can use to communicate to each other.
    • Specify your Harms Software Customer#, if it has not already been specified in Business Information.
    • Click Save
  6. Click the Register SDK at This Location button to register your copy of the Millennium SDK. If your account has been properly setup with Harms Software you will obtain a Millennium SDK GUID. Otherwise, you be prompted with instructions on what do to next.
  7. Click on the Last Step Enable SpaBoom. This will contact SpaBoom’s server and add/update your account info in their system. SpaBoom will then attempt to access your Millennium SDK with the information provided. If all is successful you will receive a message informing you that the interface is now setup. If an error occurs, the error will be displayed on the screen along with the SpaBoom Support number and instructions to contact the SpaBoom support department for assistance. Click save and then close.