SpaBoom and Millennium . . .

. . . are now integrated to create a seamless and easy way to turn your website into a revenue generator for your business! 

SpaBoom is the leading provider of Instant Gift Certificate capability, and helps you sell more gift certificates by making them instantly available on your website. It's fast and easy for your clients to choose a gift certificate, preview it, and then email or print it immediately!

Millennium, the industry-leading software management solution, is a collection of powerful business management tools. From managing appointments to inventory control to personnel and promotional reports, Millennium software can provide your company with strategic efficiencies as well as rich opportunities to grow your business.

Once you're signed up, just sit back and let your website do all the work!

What are the benefits?

Almost one-half of gift certificate customers wait until the last 48 hours of a holiday or event before purchasing their gift. Do you have the ability to sell to these last-minute buyers?

  • Sell more gift certificates by making them instantly available on your website. It's fast and easy for your clients to choose a gift certificate, preview it, and then email or print it immediately.
  • Increase out-of-town and last minute sales.
  • Save staff time - no filling out certificates and mailing by hand.
  • Beautiful designs are automatically branded with your logo.
  • Mimics the look-and-feel of your existing website.
  • Gift certificate sales are automatically transferred to your Millennium database.

How does it work?

Harms Software has written a special add-on to their software development toolkit (SDK) specifically for SpaBoom Instant Gift Certificates, called the GC-SDK, which is freely available as long as you have the basic requirements (see below). You can contact SpaBoom to get setup, and be up and running within a few days. After installing the GC-SDK to your server PC, you will input the information provided by SpaBoom into your Millennium system and automatically upload your configuration settings to SpaBoom. Then you're off and running!

Can I see an example of this in action?

To purchase a test gift certificate on the Internet, check out

To see SpaBoom in action on real spa and salon websites, check out:

What are the basic requirements?

Note that you do not need Millennium, nor do you need to meet these basic requirements, to take advantage of SpaBoom Instant Gift Certificates on your website. However, if you wish to have SpaBoom automatically transfer the specifics of each Instant Gift Certificate sale to your Millennium system, you will need the following:

  • Your own website. If you don't have a website, consider SpaBoom's Dynamic Websites.
  • A valid license of Millennium, version 2005 or greater (contact your Harms Software representative if you need to upgrade your version of Millennium).
  • One or more account(s) with SpaBoom.
  • IIS running on Windows Server 2003 Standard or better, Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Business/Ultimate.
  • A permanent connection to the Internet at your spa or salon.
  • Finally, your network must be configured, so that SpaBoom can reach your Millennium machine from the Internet. If you don't have a network engineer or IT person to help you, we can provide recommendations (at your expense).

Sounds great! Anything else I need to know before I get started?

SpaBoom doesn't transmit credit card information into Millennium, therefore, you can either elect to manually process credit card transactions created by SpaBoom, or you utilize an online merchant account to have SpaBoom transmit credit card transactions directly to your bank account. SpaBoom supports both PayPal's Web Payments Pro and

If you want further reading, we have a number of articles you may wish to review:

  • Integration steps needed to get SpaBoom to talk to your installation of Millennium.
  • Our Troubleshooting Guide documents some of the issues we've encountered and their solutions.
  • The Post Installation Q&A contains a list of the most common questions (and answers) we see from customers, once they have successfully integrated Millennium and SpaBoom.

How do I get started?

Just call us at 800-940-0458, and tell us you want your SpaBoom sales integrated with Millennium!