Joy of Spa:  Overview

What Joy of Spa is:

Joy of Spa is a national online directory for spas at, targeted at women who love to spa and enjoy the finer things in life.  There, consumers can search listings, read reviews, and buy Instant Gift Certificates either for a particular spa, or an aggregate Gift Certificate to use at any Joy of Spa location.

What Joy of Spa offers:

Online exposure - the online exposure is national:  we do the marketing via press releases, advertising (print and online), and social networking sites. This drives traffic to the online directory allowing your spa to enjoy Instant Gift Certificate revenue at the national marketing level.

Ready-to-use newsletters: branded with your spa's logo; when your client clicks to read more, the Joy of Spa website is branded with your logo, too!  

If you have not yet signed up to send a beautiful, branded newsletter to your clients, now is your time to get onboard! Go to Setup, Basics to put Joy of Spa to work for your spa!  If you participated in the SpaFinder Lifestyle, you're already signed up for the Joy of Spa.

Aggregate Gift Certificates - By participating in Joy of Spa, consumers can redeem Joy of Spa aggregate GCs at your location.  Unlike other aggregate programs, you pay only 9% when those GCs are redeemed - putting 91% of every dollar in your pocket and bringing you new clients with no legwork on your part!

If you haven't yet signed up to accept Joy of Spa aggregate gift certificates you can do it now!  Go to Setup, Basics under the section of Online Directories select the option to accept the Joy of Spa gift certificate.

Details - how consumers buy Joy of Spa gift certificates:

First, your future client - the consumer - gets to the Joy of Spa website through word of mouth, search engines, or even your website or a newsletter that you've sent.  Then:
  • A consumer buys an Instant GC for your spa from the Joy of Spa directory, you pay your normal IGC commission.  This is similar to Spa Emergency sales today but even simpler, with a whole new base of target consumers.
If a consumer gets to Joy of Spa from your website badge, or from a link in your email newsletter, it gets even better:
  • A consumer buys an Instant GC for your spa from Joy of Spa after clicking your spa's email or badge link, YOU pay the same commission as if sold from your website directly. 

What if that consumer clicks on your website badge, but then they buy an Instant GC from another spa? 

  • You receive revenue from your clients that need to purchase Instant GCs in other locations! It might sound strange to allow consumers to purchase from other spas, but you still make money - we will credit you 9% of the GC amount sold!

Redeeming Joy of Spa GCs - Easy as Cake!

When someone walks into your spa with a Gift Certificate they bought on Joy of Spa, you've just earned a new customer - congrats!

Even if you have never before redeemed one, it's easy:

  1. Go into your GCs Tab
  2. Type the full/big/long 16 digit GC ID into the search box and start the search.
  3. We will automatically pull in the Joy of Spa GC into YOUR account so that you can get paid!

Congrats and have a Joyful day!