Adding Links to Your Website

So you are an Integrated Marketing Suite customer with SpaBoom! Excellent! You join the many other SpaBoom-ers who are taking advantage of the Internet to increase customer referrals and increase revenues!

Do you have your Instant Gift Certificate link up on your website, to start taking advantage of SpaBoom's advanced and award-winning ecommerce functionality? Did you know there are other features available to you?

  • Instant Gift Certificates - Can help you increase your sales by reaching last-minute buyers and providing a convenient method of purchasing from your organization.
  • Joy of Spa Member Badge - show off that you are a part of an amazing network of thousands of spas around the country!
  • Email Marketing - create links so that your clients can sign up for your Email Marketing list - easy!
  • Reviews - Collect, analyze, and show off your best side - your reviews from your customers! Link to these from your website to promote your business and highlight the best that you have to offer.
  • Online Booking - Allows your customers to request an appointment for services from your organization, using the convenience of the Internet, any time day or night.
  • Specials and Events - This page is dynamically generated, and allows you to publish specials and events with ease! It's date driven, and changes depending on the holidays and specials you create! It's a great way to keep content fresh on your website!
  • Your Blog - This page displays your published blog articles and allows clients to leave moderated feedback on your posts. This is a great way to show your expertise and provide your clients with education and training on your products or services.
  • Fine Print - This page will generate the fine print used for SpaBoom functionality, allowing you to publish your terms and conditions on the Internet without any hassle or difficulty.

Links for adding these additional features are listed below.


IMPORTANT!! If you see the text, YOUR-ID, embedded in a link you must insert your SpaBoom ID in the place of "YOUR-ID". This will provide you with the proper links you need to be added to your website. You can find your SpaBoom ID on the Setup tab in Basic Information.

Instant Gift Certificate

On your website, you can use the following link to your gift certificate page if you know how to create links:


Copy & paste the following into the HTML of your website each place where you'd like a link to your Instant Gift Certificates:

<a href="" title="Design your gift certificate, preview it, and then send or print it immediately. It’s fast and easy!">Instant Gift Certificate</a>

Joy of Spa Member Badge

Copy & paste the following into the HTML of your website each place where you'd like to show the Joy of Spa Member badge:

Which will create the following link:

Email Newsletter Subscribe

Talk to your clients, give them a fun bonus offer for signing up, and send them specials throughout the year!

You can link to your SpaBoom account in several ways:

  • Add a link to your site
  • Include a simple sign-up box
  • Include an advanced sign-up box
Add a Link to Your Site

<a href="" title="Subscribe to our Newsletter!">Newsletter Signup</a>

Simple Sign-Up Box


Alternative Method for Newsletter links:

Copy and paste the following code where you would like a sign-up to appear:
<span> Join our E-mail Newsletter: <form name="form" method="post" action="" style="margin-top: 0px !important; padding:0px !important; text-align: left !important;"> <br><label for="email" class="email">Email address: <input type="text" value="E-mail Address" maxlength="50" size="25" name="email" id="email">
<input type="submit" value="Join" name="join"> <input type="hidden" value="1" name="list"> </form> </span>

This will create a form like this: (you may need to have your webmaster style this code)

Join our E-mail Newsletter:

Reviews from your Instant Gift Certificate Customers

Reviews from your customers who have purchased Instant Gift Certificates are available for showing off, but only after you enable the feature in your Website settings page (click here to read about it):

<a href="" title="See our Reviews">See Our Reviews</a>

Online Booking

Same approach for Online Booking:

<a href="" title="Online Booking!">Online Booking</a>

Specials and Events

You can also show a page for the Specials that you create in Events:

<a href="" title="See our Specials and Events">Specials</a>

Your Blog

Your blog is a great place to show your expertise and educate your customers on how to use your services. They won't buy it or use it if they don't understand it in the first place.

<a href="" title="Get the Latest From our Blog">Read the Blog</a>

Fine Print

You can also optionally add a link to the same Fine Print to which Instant Gift Certificates and Request Appointment refer:

<a href="" title="Terms and conditions">Fine Print</a>