If you've specified more than one location in Setup, Basics, then you'll see the "Locations" shortcut on the left side of your Setup tab.

  • Enter in the details of each location, using a unique name for each "Business Name", such as "downtown" or "east side".

You can then make the locations show up separately in your webpage in the header - but you'll have to do a little HTML wrangling. Don't worry - it's not too bad!

Here's how:

  • click on Website from the Setup Tab, and go into the Settings page and "Create Website Backup".  Always do this before making changes.
  • back in your website editor, click on "show html" at the top of the page.  You'll see little text-boxes pop up all over.  Click on the one in the far upper-left of your webpage view
  • now you're looking at the html bit for the header, which is where your address is showing (most likely!).  You'll know this because somewhere you'll see the word "address" in curly brackets like this: {address}
  • you'll need to make two separate paragraphs to hold your two addresses, and then change the tag to pull each address.  Once you see the example below it will be much clearer:

Nob Hill
(505) 255-6782

How Do I Know What That Little Number Is?

Good question, simple answer! In your Locations list, simply click on each of your locations, and you'll be taken to a page with its details. In the address bar up top, you'll see something like this:


It's that number you'll need (in this case, the '2260117'). Nifty, eh?

You should be all set with displaying your locations - have fun!