Mailing Gift Certificates To Clients

When you give your clients the option to have a gift certificate mailed to them, there are a few things that need to happen. First know it is Your Responsibility to mail the gift certificate to your client. Our servers will take care of the emailing of and printing of the gift certificates from the point of purchase. But when you turn on this option, you're to take care of the delivery.

When the client chooses this option, our Gift Certificate designs disappear from the screen. They do not get to choose any of them. This feature was designed for clients that like to mail out their gift certificates in boxes and special packaging. You should be using one of your own gift certificates to mail out. If, in the event, you do not have your own, you can choose a design for them and print it out to mail to them. Having a color printer will work better, so the design of our gift certificates will really shine, but it is not required.

To Choose and Print a Gift Certificate In the System:

  • Log into your SpaBoom Account
  • Click on the GCs tab along the top of the screen
  • Click on the GC ID
  • Click on the Purchase Date
  • Choose a design appropriate to the message on the gift certificate
  • Click the Save Button at the bottom
  • Click the Print GC link on the left side of the screen

Once the Gift Certificate is printed out, then you'll want to go back to the GCs tab in your account. Click on the Envelope Icon to the right of the purchase date to retrieve the mailing address to send it out to your client.