Marketing Settings

Control Your Basic Marketing Configuration

You'll see six Sections: 
  • Two checkboxes for birthday and anniversary (read about birthdays and anniversaries here)
  • Social Media options - mostly Facebook right now (read all about that in our awesome new help topic)
  • Email Marketing -
    • choose your design default - we've started you out with a simple default layout for your email campaigns, but you can choose something slightly different if you like the look of one of our other layouts.  Read about them here, and see examples!
    • Turn on or off system Email Campaigns - this lets you sit back and let us send out timely emails to your client list on your behalf for holiday and gift-giving occasions.
  • The Review Reminders setting for recent IGC and appointment clients (see our blog post on this feature
  • Blog Articles - choose if you'd like to display short snippets of posts or the whole thing by default, how many articles per page, and other great features like:
    • Featured articles - This serves two functions:
      • Controls articles appearing in your RSS feed. Turn this on and your articles will now have a checkbox that says, "Featured Article?" Only articles with that checkbox checked will appear in your RSS feed.
      • Also, it turns on the ability to feature particular articles in a carousel view, like that on This is not often used, but like above, articles to be featured then need their own checkbox turned on called "Feature Article?"
    • Author bylines - use "Lori, the Spa Diva" instead of your real name, for example
    • Taglines - add a little flair to each post
    • Article commenting - on or off, send comments to you via email, how many comments to display
  • Blog Articles in Email - so you can hook blog posts into your email campaigns, just like Joy of Spa newsletters.
Choose your settings from checkboxes to drop-down lists, and click Save.  You'll be taken back to the Marketing Tab main view.