Give Your Marketing A Boost!

Here are a few features you may or may not know about.

  • Reviews:  Review Reminders-When an instant gift certificate is sent via e-mail to a recipient and you are redeeming your gift certificates through SpaBoom, after the redemption, an automated e-mail will be sent to the recipient reminding them to leave a review of your business where you have designated in your Marketing Settings here
  • Clients:  Client Journal Entries-Can be used to track clients' needs, preferences, and visits by allowing you to add notes and date/time stamp the entry.  Keep detailed notes which can be compiled into a report or retrieved through your account. Log into your account, click the Clients tab, click a client's name and click Journal under Tasks,  then click Add Journal Entry under tasks on the left column.
  • GC:  GC Designs-Hiding/Revealing/Uploading Custom Designs-We want to let you know that you can hide certain designs for your gift certificates that are showing on your gift page.  You can even upload your own background design. To modify the gift card designs, log into your account, go to the Setup tab and click the GC Designs link on the left hand side.  There are Hide and Show buttons that allows you to choose which designs you want your customers to see.  To see all the hidden designs, click the checkbox at the top that says “Show hidden designs” and you might find some great options in there.
  • E-Mail Marketing:  Edit Your Default E-mail Campaigns: Editing the Design and Colors of your campaigns going out of the system with a default template can improve the response.  You have the ability to choose some exciting holiday ones or special designs that will make the campaigns look great.  You can change the e-mail templates by going to the Marketing tab and clicking E-mail marketing, then clicking the Subject of one of the future campaigns.  The field you will change is the dropdown for E-mail Design:  You can then click update and it will update the preview for you to see the new design.  You can also play with the colors by clicking on the E-mail Colors link on the left, under tasks.
  • Clients:  Managing Your Clients
  • Setup:  Updating Your Logo: Your logo is the image that defines your business.  It's important to put that great image forward in all that you do.  You can update your logo by going to the setup tab and clicking "Logo" in the left column.  If you use a .png file with a transparent background then your logo will appear on your Gift Certificates and/or website without a distracting white background.
  • Reports:  Are My E-mail Campaigns Effective?-Running Reports can help you know the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns and if your e-mails are being converted into gift certificate sales.  Log into your account, click on Reports, then click E-mail Campaigns on the left column.  Query for date range of e-mail campaigns sent to see your results.
  • Events:  Edit Your Default Marketing Events-Some new default events have been loaded into your Spaboom account and are appearing on your website   With these events, you can runs specials and promotions with your gift certificates.  We never discount your services, but you can easily do this by going to the Marketing tab, clicking on any of the Events denoted by a Pocket-watch icon and change verbiage and add items to be featured within the event.
  • Marketing:  Take a Look At Your Marketing Settings
  • Clients:  Use Client Types To Target E-mail Campaigns-Client types help you to categorize clients and to target e-mails to a specific category.  
  • Setup:  Should I Be Listed on Joy Of Spa?-Joy of Spa is a national directory of businesses that can be found by region, city or zip code.  This could lead to sales you never expected! By purchasing through your listing, you receive notification just as if the purchase came through your website under the same terms.  To find out more click on the following link
  • Social Media:  Install Boomtime Website App on Facebook business page-Start selling Gift Certificates right through facebook.
         Did you know you can update your Facebook App photos with our custom images?
         Make your page look unique with a cover you choose!
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 Other Helpful Topics

  • GCs:  Processing Your Credit Cards
  • Reports:  Your Billing History Reports
  • Setup:  Changing Billing Information
  • GCs:  Voiding/Redeeming GCs
  • Help:  Where To Find Help