Harms Millennium Troubleshooting Guide

Can't get Millennium to talk to SpaBoom?

Firewall configured to port-forward to the Millennium box?

In order for SpaBoom to talk to Millennium, SpaBoom must be able to reach the Millennium machine. This is only possible if the Millennium box is actually available from the Internet. If there is a firewall in place (or the router is blocking inbound packets), a "pinhole" or security rule will need to be created to forward the proper packets from the Internet to the Millennium machine. This is going to vary from one network to the next, so SpaBoom recommends a network engineer be hired by the Spa to perform this work. SpaBoom can make recommendations on a network engineer, if needed.

Here are some considerations: First, SpaBoom uses port 80 or 8080. So port-forward must be configured to the Millennium machine. Second, if the network engineer desires to limit access to the Millennium machine, they can do so by IP address. The IP address that SpaBoom uses for outbound network traffic originates from

Once this work has been completed, SpaBoom can test on our end, to verify that our servers can reach the Millennium machine on port 80 or port 8080.

Router problems?

It's possible the client's router isn't forwarding the outside IP address to the server. What is the fix to this?

Dynamic IP addressing?

Dynamic IP addresses are supported by the GC-SDK, however, the Millennium workstation must have Internet access. This is because Millennium will attempt to send a message to SpaBoom at the start of everyday to update SpaBoom with the new IP address. If the Millennium workstation cannot have Internet access, the client will need to obtain a static IP address. Most ISP's will provide static IP addresses to their customers, for an additional fee.

Can you access the GC-SDK from the localhost?

If not, it's possible that two websites are running on the Millennium machine, and the GC-SDK is installed in the wrong one. Here's the scenario ...

Some versions of Millennium, such as Millennium.NET 2005, can cause this problem. This is an web application which, when installed, creates a separate website within IIS. The client is then instructed to STOP the “Default Web Site” and Start the Millennium.NET 2005 website because both website are running under the default port of 80 which will cause a conflict.

As a result, they will have 2 websites. A Default Website which is Stopped and a Millennium.NET 2005 website which is running…

When installing the SDK, if the client leaves the “Install To:” website as the “Default Website,” this one is STOPPED. (If you browse IIS you can see that Millennium.SDK is located under the “Default Website” instead of Millennium.NET 2005 where it should be.) This result in not being able to access the SDK.

The solution to this problem is to uninstall the Millennium SDK and reinstall it, selecting Millennium.NET 2005 (or whatever is the appropriate website listed in the "Install To:" dialog box, as the website to install the GC-SDK under.

Millennium SDK has full control to Millennium data folder and webservice folder?

If the user for the Application Pool which the Millennium SDK web service is running under does not have full control to Millennium data folder or webservice folder it will fail. To solve this:

  • You will need determine which user the application pool is running as then give that user FULL permission to both the Millennium data folder and FULL permission to the Millennium.SDK web service folder.
  • The default Millennium data folder is: C:\Program Files\Harms\Millennium 2005
  • The default Millennium SDK folder is: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\MillenniumSDK\ (if the client does not have Millennium.NET installed) or C:\Inetpub\Millennium 2005\MillenniumSDK (If the client has Millennium.NET installed)

Millennium running in the same app pool with ASP.net 1.1?

If an application is running same app pool with ASP.net 1.1 a new app pool has to be created. Need to indicate how to check this and how to fix this.

Virtual directory set to ASP.net 1.1?

If virtual directory is set to ASP.net 1.1 have to change to 2.0. These setting are located in IIS properties window of the web service under the ASP.NET tab.

Everything setup correctly, but no transactions going through?

Notified Harms of the GC-SDK customer?

SpaBoom must notify Anthony Ramirez at Harms, and give him 1 to 3 days, to enable Harms customers to use the GC-SDK

Duplicate GC ID possibility?

If the number already exists in Millennium, the GC-SDK will not create a duplicate, so a GC transaction will not make it into Millennium from SpaBoom. The easiest fix is to add a prefix to the GC-ID number in SpaBoom, under the Setup Tab, Basics. We recommend "sb" as a prefix.

Server Application Unavailable Error

Getting Server Application Unavailable Error Message, such as:

    Server Application Unavailable

    The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable. Please hit the "Refresh" button in your web browser to retry your request.

    Administrator Note: An error message detailing the cause of this specific request failure can be found in the application event log of the web server. Please review this log entry to discover what caused this error to occur.

To resolve this, you just have to create an application pool and assign it to a user which has full permission to the Millennium data folder and the web service directory, as specified above.