One Page (and Five Minutes) to Marketing Yourself

Ok, you don't have much time.  What can you do to reach your clients in the easiest way possible?  Follow the steps below and let us handle the heavy lifting.  The bare essentials start first:  are you ready?

  1. Go to the Setup Tab, click on Basics, then scroll down to the Email Marketing section and click both checkboxes to turn on Email Marketing and accept Default Campaigns.  Scroll down to the bottom and click "Save".
  2. Go to the Marketing Tab, click on "Instant POP", and print out some flyers telling your customers about your cool Instant Gift Certificates on your website - they can purchase even when you're not open!
  3. There is no step 3!  
What will happen next is before the next holiday, you will send an email to your opted-in client list with a message about gift giving and the ease of Instant Gift Certificates.  Client list, you say?  Maybe you'd better take a look at your Clients tab and see what's in there.  Not much?  Then you need the next couple of easy steps:
  1. If you have a client list in your email program, export it and then import it into SpaBoom.
  2. If you have notecards with client information on them, or a scheduling book, or something on paper you've been meaning to get on to the computer - NOW is the time!  Just go to the Client tab and start entering them in (or have one of your fabulous staff do it).  Click on "add client" to get going.  At bare minimum, each client needs a name and an email address.
  3. No emails?  Put a link on your website to your newsletter subscribe page!  First, go to the Marketing Tab, click on "Settings", and click the two checkboxes to enable Birthday and Anniversary date collection (this is for when your clients signup for your newsletter on your website).  Then, add this link to your website, if you have a linked-in account:
  4. Still want more emails?  You need collateral to collect them!  Click on the collateral tab, print out some cards from our default templates, and put them around your business to collect your clients' info.
For the more in-depth Marketing Mojo, you'll want to take a look at the Premium Marketing Overview page, which organizes the features one by one and guides you to getting each one configured and running to grow your business!