Exporting Contacts from External Emails

Before you Import Clients into SpaBoom, learn how to export the address book from other webmail services -- choose your provider from the list below.

  • Yahoo!: To import your Yahoo! Mail address book, save your file as a Yahoo! CSV:
    • Click "Import/Export" in the upper-right corner of your Address Book. In the Export section, click the "Export Now" button next to the phrase "Yahoo! CSV:."
    • When prompted, specify a convenient location and name for your file in the "Save As" dialog box.
    • Your address book data is now saved as a standard .CSV file.
    • Do you want to make any changes to it? You can open this file in programs like Microsoft Excel to edit the information you might need to change the field names in the first row. And if you do this, remember to save the revised file as a .CSV file, not a .XLS (Excel) file. Your data must be saved as a .CSV file to be re-imported to SpaBoom.
  • Hotmail Live
    • Sign in to your Hotmail account.
    • Click the Contacts list on the bottom left of the page.
    • Click the Manage drop-down menu at the top of the Contacts list and select Export.
    • On the page that appears, click the Export Contacts button.  You'll have to enter in a security field first.
    • When you're prompted to open or save the file, click Save.
    • Select a location to save the file, and click Save.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express: Here are some general directions to follow, though instructions may vary by version. For more detailed instructions, open 'Help' in Outlook or Outlook Express and type 'export' in the search box. Look for topics that include 'export wizard,' 'export information,' 'exporting contacts' or 'exporting address book contacts' in the title.
    From Outlook:
    • Select File > Import/Export > Export from the main menu
    • Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) > Select "Contacts" > Save exported file

    From Outlook Express:
    • Select File > Export > Address Book from the main menu.
    • Select Text File (Comma Separated Values).
    • Click Export.

  • AOL:

    AOL doesn't have the functionality to export your address book, so you'll have to create a custom CSV file if you use this service.
  • Others: Refer to your service or client help section for information on how to export your address book. If you have trouble uploading a file in to Gmail, you may need to open the file in Excel, alter the columns and/or headers, and then save the file as .csv.
  • GMAIL:  Learn how to export a CSV file from Gmail.