We strongly encourage our clients to upload a graphics file of their logo into their SpaBoom account. Your logo will print on every GC sold and thus brands the GC giving it a more polished look.

  • What is a graphic file? A graphic file is just an image on your computer. The file formats you can use in our system are: .jpg, .png, or .gif.
  • What's the best format for my logo? SpaBoom will reformat your logo to 200 pixels wide by 125 pixels tall. If you can upload a 200x125 pixel logo, in transparent PNG format, your logo will look the best. We also suggest having a slight drop-shadow with outer glow, which will help your logo look great on diverse Instant Gift Certificate designs.
  • Drop shadow background: Check this box to automatically add a drop shadow background to your logo, which will make sure that your logo is nicely offset on all GC designs. Within the background, your logo will be up to 180 pixels wide by 105 pixels tall.

Uploading your own logo

  1. Under the Setup tab, the task is where you upload your own logo.
  2. Under “Logo Options”, click on “Upload a Graphics File of Your Logo”
  3. Once you do that, a Browse box will appear. Click on “Browse”. A small box “File Upload” will appear.
  4. Find your organization's logo on your computer. When you have clicked it, click “Open” and that will put in SpaBoom system.
  5. Click “Update” to see how it will look. Feel free to play with the drop-shadow check boxes to see if you like the effect or not.
  6. When satisfied, click on “Save”

Using the instant logo feature

An Instant Logo is for those who don't have a logo of their own or those who need a temporary one.

Here is an Instant Logo, using the Rage font and a nice red color:

How to create an instant logo

  1. Under “Logo Options” select “use Instant Logo to design a text logo”.
  2. Type in your logo text in the box – typically the name of your business is good.
  3. Feel free to play with the Font, Text Size, Alignment and Color. Click “Update” to see your changes.
  4. When satisfied, click on “Save”.


If you've previously used a graphic logo and now would like to use the Instant Logo, we'll have to make sure the previous logo file gets deleted from your account - contact us and we will remove the file, allowing you to use the Instant Logo feature successfully.  But really, you own logo is so much prettier!

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