Page Redirects

Page Redirects (also known as 301 Redirect) will send visitors to an alternative page when a previous page has been renamed or deleted. The old page may be indexed by search engines or linked to by other websites. Adding a Page Redirect will prevent visitors from receiving a "Unfortunately, I didn't find the requested page" message by sending them to a new Page ID.

Previous  relative URL

This is the old page file name, but only the portion after your domain name. For example, if the old page was at:

Then enter "oldpage.html"

Page ID

Select the page you want visitors to go to instead of the now non-existent "oldpage.html"

Need Help Finding All Your "Old" Pages?

There are a few tools to try to dig down through your old site, but one of the better free ones (Yahoo) is now gone. It has been replaced by Bing Webmaster Tools, and not thoroughly tested by us here as to its capabilities. Use with an attitude of adventure!