Percentage discount specials

. . . for your Instant Gift Certificates:



  1. Go to Marketing, Events and select your event, or add a new one.
  2. If you're adding a new event, enter a headline like "Gift Certificate Sale" and a narrative, for example, "Save on all your gift-giving, this week only!".
  3. Enter the time period for which you want the discount to apply with the "Start date" and "End date".
  4. For "Special", select "Percentage discount" and enter the discount % you'd like.
  5. Modify the "Offer description" if you desire - this will appear at the top of your Instant Gift Certificate page.
  6. Bring up your Instant Gift Certificate page and make sure it looks the way you want!

A couple of notes:

  • Percentage discounts apply in addition to any discounted prices you've entered in another event for "Featured services".
  • "Featured services" are brought to the top on your Instant Gift Certificates page to better highlight them.
  • Current events are automatically included in email marketing campaigns by default.