Blissful Spa Marketing:  Premium Overview

Fully-Enabled Set of Marketing Features ExampleNow that you have the Premium features enabled, your Marketing Tab is going to take on a whole new look.  The Premium features are indicated in the left column by our cute little purple box, and on the main screen by the sections with the little purple "b" at the right edge (like Email Offers in the image to the right).

First, we'll cover what you see on the screen, and you can click through to each help topic that belongs to each item.

No time to do online marketing, or you want the quick-start?  Easy - use our one-page start list for the essential and easiest steps to blissful marketing.

What you see on the main screen in the Marketing Tab:

  • Button to ADD:  new Email Marketing campaign
  • List of Upcoming Campaigns (if applicable)
  • List of the last 3 email campaigns sent, by date.  (We also have a report to show all of your campaigns:  Campaigns Report)
Blissful Marketing Features:
  • Buttons (3), to Turn On or Edit, Offers:
    • Birthday
    • Anniversary
    • Email Signup

What you see on the left-hand column:

Blissful Marketing Features (separated by a purple box)