Professionals is where access to SpaBoom is controlled. A professional is someone who has access to certain parts of your account, whether they are an employee or the owner. An organization may have multiple professionals, therefore multiple people who access SpaBoom's services and features.

It is recommended that access to SpaBoom is NOT shared. That is, no one should share the login information to your account. Instead, each person who needs access to should be defined as a Professional and given their own login. The benefit of doing this includes being able to track who does what within the system and easily revoke access for an employee who leaves.

Each professional has their own security privileges that dictate what parts of SpaBoom that professional can control or access within your account.  You can control access to:

  • Gift Certificates (viewing, redeeming, changing, adding new - all separated)
  • Booking
  • Clients
    • Even if your professionals can see/edit clients, you can still control whether or not they can access credit card information for processing gift certificates and booking requests
  • Marketing (enabling access for basic configuration and edits, but not advanced editing - see Setup)
  • Reports
  • Setup (controls a lot of things, including Professionals):
    • without Setup Tab access, you cannot edit the website, nor use any built-in "edit content" windows, including in Email Marketing
    • To allow design edits for emails and events but restrict access to other Professionals, give "View and Change" rights to Setup
  • Credit Card Information for your clients

In the main Professionals grid (where all are listed together), there's a drop down for which kind of professionals you want to see, like "Service providers".  This is based on their security privileges.

Adding a Professional

You can add a professional by clicking on the Add Professional link on the bottom left of the screen, when you're in Setup, Professionals.

You must put in the first name, last name and initials. Select what security privileges you want of that professional (note that if they cannot view setup, they cannot add or make changes to Professionals).

You must also put in the email address, ID and password for the new professional. SpaBoom doesn't support shared email addresses, so you cannot put "" for all your professionals. It is OK to put personal email addresses in the E-mail: field.

Each professional can log into SpaBoom using either their email address or ID.

The ID must be 6 characters or more. We recommend first name and last name, without a space between them, and all lowercase. Password must be at least 6 characters.

Optional fields for your Professionals are:

  • Gender
  • Address Fields
  • Phone Numbers with type - using Cell numbers will give you the option of texting your professionals, such as when a last-minute sub is needed, et cetera 
  • Notes - use this for anything needed about this professional, from their hire date to their favorite latte order.
  • Inactive Checkbox - check this box to disable the account and prevent the professional from logging in.  Do this as soon as they no longer work for your company to keep your data secure.

If you are using text messaging and you capture professionals' cell numbers, you can mark the checkbox for "Send text messages" and use the Text Professionals feature to send important messages to your profs. 

Resetting a Professional Password or Password Reset Instructions