Professional Hours and Exceptions

There are a few reasons you will want to set Professional Hours (and/or Exceptions).

Use this numbered list to jump to your instructions below:

A. When they are different from your business hours. If you do not set hours for each professional, they will be available for any open business hours when it comes to booking.

B. If a professional will be going on vacation or taking leave.

C. For multiple locations: to have separate hours for each location for a particular prof.

D. For multiple locations: if you would like a professional to not be available AT ALL for one location.

A. Specifying Hours Different from Normal Business Hours:

  1. Choose the location (if appropriate) the hours will apply to.
  2. Choose the date the hours begin, if in the future.
  3. Select hours for each day, including a second set of hours if needed.

NOTE: If you set ANY day's hours, you must set ALL hours - days that are left as "unavailable" will be truly unavailable for this professional. 

B. Setting Vacation or Time Away Hours:

Set unusual time changes by using the Exceptions task. Instead of choosing the available hours, you'll be specifying times that the professional is NOT available, say they are off for a week or a particular Friday.

If the whole business is closed for a holiday, set those exceptions in the Hours task under Setup and choose the entire location at once to make an exception.

C. Different Locations, Different Hours:

Say you have an Uptown and a Downtown location, and your lead massage therapist works mornings Uptown and afternoons Downtown. Choose the Uptown location from the dropdown and set the morning hours. The, choose the Downtown location from the dropdown and set the afternoon hours. That's it!

D. One Location Where Prof Does NOT Work:

If you have two locations (Uptown and Downtown), and prof "Trainee Massage" never works downtown, you'll need to do a little something special. 

First, set their Uptown hours as needed by selecting the Uptown location. Next, choose the Downtown location and, with all times set as "unavailable", CLICK THE SAVE BUTTON. By proactively saving the "unavailable" set, you are saying that you want that professional to truly be unavailable for that location.

Once this is done, that professional will not appear at that location as an option on the Booking tab, nor will they appear on your online booking view if you allow clients to choose preferred professionals.

To sum up this last part: if you never "touch" your professionals' hours, they will have the same hours as your business, even if when you look at their hours it says "unavailable". However, if you click SAVE or UPDATE while viewing that "unavailable" set of times, it will really become Unavailable!