Professional Hours Exceptions

This is a subset of the general help topic, "Professional Hours".

Set unusual time changes by using this Exceptions task. Instead of choosing the available hours, you'll be specifying times that the professional is NOT available, say they are off for a week or a particular Friday.

If the whole business is closed for a holiday, go back to the Setup tab and set those exceptions in the Hours task for the entire location at once to make a location-wide exception.

How to Set Vacation or Time Away Hours:

1. Click "add exception" from the left column.

2. Choose start and end dates for complete days off, then click "Save".


2. Choose a date range, and uncheck "Unavailable all day", and then specify the hours unavailable. This could be used when the professional needs to leave a few hours early each day for a week, or they need to come in late for some period of time.

3. If you need to have some complete days off and some partial days off, just create more exceptions. You can have lots of exceptions for each professional if you need to!