Reviews: Track Your Feedback!

Reviews are a great way to get feedback on your business. Every day you get a new review, it will show up on the Today page when you log in. Haven't logged in for a few days? Check out your reviews new and old in Reports, Reviews at any time. Read about the launch of Reviews on our blog post, here: Harnessing the Power of Reviews

But, we've added more cool features, as well, like Private Reviews and even Responding to Reviews!

Reviews: How to Use Them On Your Dynamic Website

Wouldn't it be cool if you could take your website's front page, showing only your current newsetter signup info:

.... and make it into a showcase for your favorite clients, like this:

Here's how to do it, and it only takes a few minutes - your reviews are probably already there and waiting for you.

Start by going into your Website from the Setup tab. Click on Settings in the upper left corner, and you'll be on the page where you can change colors and some of the other "behind the scenes" website configurations.

Notice there is now a new Reviews checkbox - go ahead and check that:

Once you've checked the "Reviews" box on the Settings page, click Save to return to editing your website, and you can see that a new page has been created, called "review" (on the drop-down list):

Once enabled, the Reviews setting will also create a new Event, very similar to the "Wishlist" and "Share with a Friend" items:

If you already use those, this will look very familiar. If you are displaying Events in your website's sidebar (like in our first two example screenshots), Reviews will now show up along with the rest of Events, as in our second screenshot above.

For space reasons, just three "capsule" reviews are shown in that events column on your site. They are displayed in this order: highlighted reviews, followed by highest rated reviews with the newest first. There is a link to get to the reviews page, where your customers will be able to see ALL of the reviews left by others in two categories: your business overall, and the instant gift certificate buying experience.

Here's a view of the reviews page, showing the reviews for the business itself (not for the Instant Gift Certificate process):

Anyone can leave a review for your business, and they can choose to remain anonymous, just like on major websites like Yelp! or other business listings. Here you have control over which reviews you promote, and if your clients login with their password, the review will be attributed to them so you can follow-up with your thanks or feedback.

Further, if you'd like your customers to have direct access to this page from anywhere on your website you can add the page to the navigation bar by clicking on "Change Navigation" (the little tool icon hovering over your navigation bar), then using the Add Link/Page task to add the Reviews page to your navigation options.

It should then show up with everything else, like this:

This link will work independently of the Events sidebar area - so you can hide the Reviews event and it will disappear from your Events sidebar, but the Reviews link will still show up in your Navigation.

You can hide everything at once by disabling the Reviews checkbox in Website Settings - both the Events sidebar reviews will go away, as well as the Navigation button. This does not delete your reviews - you can always see them in Reports, Reviews, and your clients can continue to leave them when they purchase an Instant Gift Certificate.