This is the service menu that appears in Instant Gift Certificates, Online Booking, and if you have SpaBoom Dynamic Website, on your Service Menu webpage.

Services are grouped into Categories, and can have multiple Options for different periods of time. For example, in the "Massage Therapy" Category, the "Blended Massage" Service has three Options (30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes).

An option is a specific configuration of a listed service and it's associated price.  This allows you to offer the same service with different prices depending on the features or length of the service your customer chooses. Services must have at least one associated option in order to appear on your service menu, as it is the option and not the service that has a price.



With Packages, you can combines multiple services together to create, well, a package. Make sure all the services you want to use for your package already exist before you start.

Packages often go in their own Service Category, e.g. "Spa Packages". 

What if you have an element of a package that can't be purchased individually? Go ahead and add it as an Option to the appropriate Service. Then mark is as hidden: it won't be available by itself, but you can still use it in a package. 

"I can't delete!"

Once a Service has been used (even once!), you can't delete it. Don't despair, however, you can mark it as hidden, and it will no longer appear.


You can "hide" a service, package or option. Hiding allows you to make one of these temporarily unavailable for viewing or purchase.

Hiding is convenient when you have something that is temporarily unavailable (i.e. a particular therapist is leaving for an extended vacation) or seasonal.

When the "Hide?" checkbox is checked, SpaBoom will mark that item as "hidden" and not show it to your customers.