The Setup Tab

It's all here how the system works for your business!


This is the basic information about your business and the core settings for the system.


Your credit card information and billing address. 

Note: you can specify an alternate email address for your bill details to be delivered, separate from other notices like IGCs (which is set in the Basics page under Contact Information).

Client Types

An optional way to categorize your clients, for any purpose you desire.


The perfect way to keep your website always up-to-date. Use Events for your promotions, announcements and news about your business.

GC Designs

Choose and order the GC Designs that display on your Instant Gift Certificates page. Even create your own!

GC Types 

Track different types of GCs. At minimum, it will differentiate between GCs sold online vs. at retail. The GC Type determines the expiration date on the GC, too. 


Set the hours you are open. Use a single block of time or have more than one period of hours per day.


Make an Instant Logo or upload a graphics file. Your logo appears on GCs and in emails to your clients.


The people that have access to your system. Change passwords and control who can do what. 


Change how the pages on your website look.