Photo Slideshows

SpaBoom allows you to add slideshows on your website and blog.

First things first: how to plan your slideshow

The photos need to be the same "aspect" - this means if you have a photo that is vertical like a portrait, and one that is horizontal like a landscape, the slideshow will be at best kind of awkward and at worst really yucky.

Choose all photos with the same ratio of height to width, even if they are slightly different sizes. Trust me on this.

Adding a Slideshow to a Page on Your Website

To get started, please log into your SpaBoom account and go to the Setup tab along the top.

STEP ONE: Add the photos you would like to use to your Photos List from the Setup Tab. (If you would like to use only stock photos, skip to STEP TWO) Click on the photo icon on the left column, which will take you to the photo library. Here you can upload your own with the “Add Photo” link on the left side of the window.

Add photos until you are done.

STEP TWO: Click on Setup again, and click on "Website". Choose a page to add your slideshow - practice on something other than your home page, for starters. (And make a Website Backup, first)

Click on a photo icon on the web page editor to add a slideshow to that photo's spot.

  • Choose the first photo that you’d like to include in the slideshow. Use the tips below to select an image of appropriate size - your first image will set the default size of the whole slideshow.
  • When you have the photo chosen, you’ll see a button below the picture saying “Slide Show.” Click on this button.

The picture will go into the slide show list. Since you only have one photo so far, you'll need to choose more to really make thing happen.

  • On the left side of the screen, you’ll see another link saying “Add Photo to Slide Show.” Click this link.
  • Choose another picture to put into the slide show and click on “Select this Photo.”

You’ll do this numerous times, until you have the photos you want to appear.

Now, your slideshow photo list will have all your chosen slideshow images listed. The green up and down arrows allow you to adjust the order of the pictures in the slide show. It will also have a red “X” to allow you to remove it from the slide show if you so choose.

You can also now select your desired time between photos, and your transition type:

  • Ken Burns: a zoomy, wipey, artistic thing. Only use if your photos look OK zoomed in a bit.
  • Fade: a soft fade between images, no zoom
  • Push: images roll past each other like on a continuous spool from right to left
  • Wipe: images slide in over each other, right to left
  • Corner Wipe: images slide in over each other, upper left to lower right
  • Push Down: images roll past each other on a continuous spool, top to bottom

Once you have them in the order you wish for them to appear, click on “Return to Website.”

The slideshow's movement will not be visible in the website editor, but once you save your changes (by clicking "close" in the website editor) you should see it on your live website. The slideshow takes a few seconds to start.