Social Media from your SpaBoom account

Twitter and Facebook have just been hankerin' to meet your SpaBoom goings-on, and now they can! You can also send text messages to your clients and your professionals.

  1. Learn how to set up the integration from SpaBoom:
  2. Then read our concise blog post on how to build your customer relationships easily by posting your Events to your social media world.

[We also have a help file all about sending one-time or direct Tweets!]

When you're ready to post directly from your SpaBoom account without attaching an event, offer, or blog post, just click "Add Post" and you'll jump right to a window where you can create a new post for Facebook or Twitter or a text message (or any combination therein). 

Check the checkboxes for the type of post you want to make.

If you are posting to Facebook, you can also include a photo. Simply enable the "include photo" checkbox and then select a photo from your gallery.  If you have new photos to upload, add those first before you create your post, and they'll be ready for you in the gallery selection.

Once your Facebook post is published, you'll see the thumbnail of the photo, and your fans can click on it for a larger version.

If you are sending a text message, you can specify which marketing list to send the message to. 

Set your date -  even in the future - create your content, link to a webpage, and you're set!  We'll warn you if you run out of characters, but you can add extra text for the Facebook post, since they can be longer than Tweets.

The time zone for the posting is your local time. And keep in mind that our system sends social media posts every fifteen minutes.

Email or call support if you have any questions - the sooner you start using social media, the better your online footprint will be!

Text Professionals

You can also text your professionals with important messages. Click Text Professionals under Tasks.


Enter the message you want to send to the professionals. Check the date and time to make sure the text will go out in a timely manner. Click Save and the text will be sent to professionals (who are marked to send text messages) at the appropriate time.