Stripe Credit Card Processing

Welcome to Stripe credit card processing - our newest and most favorite method for processing your credit cards safely, securely with minimal hassle and fees. Once you connect your bank account to your Stripe account, funds are deposited from your GC sales within 7 days, and refund processing is a snap.

First, see below for how to set it up.

Then (after setup), here are the cool things Stripe lets you do in SpaBoom.

Stripe Setup

1) From your Setup tab, click on "CC Processing" from the left column.

2) On the Credit Card Processing screen, select "Stripe Payments" from the dropdown box.

3) Click the "Connect with Stripe" button and you'll get a new pop-up window.

4) Fill out your new Stripe account information (or log in if you have created an account with Stripe already). At the bottom of the form is another button to click: "Authorize access to this account".

5) Click that fancy blue button and you'll come back to your SpaBoom account's Credit Card Processing page, with the grey fields for Stripe filled out.

6) Click Save and you're done! 

*Extra Credit - click on "Setup" again and click the "Done" button next to the task that says, "Finish setting up your credit card processing".

Good job!

We strongly recommend that you TEST a purchase before your clients do for you! 

Now, check out the nifty ways that Stripe makes your CC management easier.