Sweepstakes on Facebook

Show off your company, show off your brand, build a dynamic fan list and give away fun stuff, all at the same time.  Sweepstakes, introduced in 2011, are so easy to set up you'll be getting Likes and giving away goodies in no time.

Before you get started, make sure you have two things ready to go:  your Facebook integration, and the Sweepstakes Application installed to your Facebook page.

  1. When the Facebook stuff is ready, start by creating an Event, and choose type Sweepstakes.
  2. Next, set up the parameters - how many days to run it, the amount of gift you'll be awarding to the winner (or winners), and when you'd like your Social Media posts to go out.
  3. When you're done, click Update to see a preview in the window below.

It is recommended that you add a photo.  If you'd like to add a photo, choose one from your own list or from the stock photos we so conveniently provide to you.  For optimal results, use a landscape style photo or crop a portrait style photo to landscape dimensions.   Photos should be a height of 500px or less.

Viewing Your Sweepstakes on Facebook

Check out how it looks on your Facebook Page, and on your website (if you are displaying Events on your main page).

While the Sweepstakes is running, you can see how many entries are stacking up, and then, once the Sweepstakes is over, one of your new client fans will be chosen to win the prize. You'll see the client winner(s) in the sidebar view:

If they got someone else to Like your page and signup, too, they'll BOTH get their own Gift Certificate.  Make sure you're ready to give away up to twice as much as you indicate in your initial Event setup.

Once the winner is chosen at random, they will be sent an email with a link to claim their gift. These emails are generated just after 9 a.m. Mountain Time Zone, every day.

When the winner(s) are notified, they simply click the email link and claim their gift.  They can use it themselves, or gift it to someone they adore - it's totally up to them.  They'll be ecstatic, and you'll have new clients to wow with everything that you offer.

Here's what their email will look like: