The Today Tab

Your Today tab (or "Today Page") is what you'll see right away when you log in to your SpaBoom account.

We use it to communicate information about your account, your current sales, our latest news, and anything important that has happened since your last login.  (We'll even tell you if you owe us money, but you don't even have to call us to resolve - typically you just need to update your Billing information and everything will be hunky-dory!)

Here are a few of the items that we'll highlight for you:

  • Your new IGC sales that have not yet been processed.
  • New online booking requests that need your attention.
  • Today's reviews that your clients have posted about their IGC buying experience or your business overall.  We will even highlight the note if you have any negative reviews, so you can investigate and take care of your clients.
  • Our latest Blog posts - if you're not reading the blog, now's the time to start!  We offer RSS feeds of the entire blog, as well as each sub-category of topics.  So if you have way too much on your plate, you could subscribe just to our "new features" category so you'll know when we add new account capabilities to help grow your business!   (New to "subscribing to blogs"?  No problem!  You can read a great quick summary here, and find online readers in well-known places like Google or Yahoo!)