Twitter/Tweeting from your SpaBoom Account

You can use our Premium Marketing Twitter feature to send updates (Tweets, as they are known) to your Twitter page.


Read up on Tweeting for your Business on Twitter's own page - great background info!


You are limited to 120 characters if including a link, but we recommend not bumping right up against the limit. Why? To get your message out to many more people than simply your own followers, let someone else do the work - get re-tweeted!  And that's far easier to do from the other user's perspective if you leave a good 10 characters so your name will fit.

Here's an example of a BAD Tweet (140 characters (no room for re-tweeting), no mention of details, no link to share, and no ASKING to be re-tweeted): 

"NEWS! Our downtown location is welcoming winter with Love Our Clients Event! Come to our open house for free goodies and more, all day long!"

Here's an example of a GREAT Tweet (VERY likely to be re-tweeted and talked about!):

"NEWS! Come to downtown open house for free goodies, all day Saturday! Please RT!"

Read more about great Tweeting practices here:

Tweet Authentication from

We only validate the password at the time you send a tweet, so if you've put in the wrong password you'll see an error message when you attempt to post.  Simply go back to the Twitter Settings page and fix the password before trying another tweet.

Don't forget to add "SpaBoom" to your Twitter follows - we post about every day, sometimes more if exciting things are going on.